TRANSMISSION  The 4 speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly. The filter and fluid were replaced with new. One of the hoses from the oil cooler lines was replaced with a new one.

DIFFERENTIAL & DRIVESHAFT  The drivetrain was renewed with a new driveshaft and center bearing, new transmission mounts, and the differential was upgraded to a 4.10 LSD. Compared with the original 3.91 non-LSD differential, the gear ratio was lowered by about 5% which also increases the torque to the wheels by the same amount for improved acceleration. The engine speed is 3200 at 80 mph, only about 150 rpm more than with the original differential. The limited slip type differential provides improved traction.

  • The 4.10 LSD differential came from a E30M3 with ~75K miles on it.
  • The output axle seals are new.
  • Redline differential oil is used
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