The Milano has design uniquness in the drivetrain. The front engine, rear clutch/transaxle/differential layout is a legacy of the days of Alfa racing cars from the famous designer Vittorio Jano. This layout helps to provide a balanced distribution of weight front to rear. A penalty is the driveshaft running at engine speed which is sensitive to balance. The two piece driveshaft has three rubber donuts for cushioning and a center bearing support. These are parts that must be in "good nick" to avoid vibration.

The rear mounted transaxle also has a complicated gearshift mechanism which is prone to mechanical "slop" resulting in some vagueness in shifting gears - a polished technique is to be developed!

Compared with other Milano models, the Verde benefits from having a limitied slip in the differential


  • The front motor mounts were replaced with new.
  • The rear motor mount under the flywheel was replaced with new.

  • The front and rear transmission mounts were replaced with new.

  • The center driveshaft bushing and bearing were replaced with new.

  • The half shaft boots were found to be split, so the CV joints were cleaned and greased and new boots installed all around.
  • New mounting bolts were used for re-assembly.

  • The parts of the shift linkage on the transmission were replaced with new.
  • The components at the front of the shift linkage were also renewed.
  • The components at the front of the shift linkage were also renewed.
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