The heart of the Milano is the famous Alfa V-6 engine in 3.0 liter form. On this car the "S" cams from the 164 engine have been installed.


  • The local Alfa club scheduled a "dyno day" at the Magnaflow Exhaust facility where we were able to have our cars tested.
  • This is the test result: 162.66hp and 165.60 ft-lbs of torque - not bad for a 25 year old car!
  • This test was before I made MAF conversion discussed below.
  • Later I installed Magnecor spark plug wires.

    The Milano uses the first Bosch fuel injection system, the "L-Jectronic". As the engine management systems continued to evolve, the airflow meter (AFM), the ubiqutious "barn door", was replaced by the less restrictive mass airflow meter (MAF). With proper design and tuning, this improvement can be made on AFM equipped engines resulting in improved driveability and power without affecting emissions performance.

  • Here the AFM, with the "barn door" is compared with the MAF sensor.
  • The airbox was modified to fit the inlet of the MAF sensor.
  • An inlet trumpet was used to smooth airflow.
  • I fabricated an inlet tube to fit the MAF sensor and incorporate the various intake fittings.
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