Racing versions of the Milano in Europe had body kits with very aggressive spoilers. Although terrific looking, the front spoiler in particular is too low to be pracitcal on the steet, and basically impossible to source. I was lucky to source the bottom lip of the race spoiler and modify it to fit. I was pleased with the result, a good look and not too low.

  • Of course the spoiler was not shaped to fit the front valence of the car, so I cut and filled the piece to fit
  • This is the modified spoiler primed and ready for paint.

  • The door handles were painted and new gaskets were installed.
  • The side trim and gas cap were also repainted the correct color.
  • The side mirrors were painted body color (along with the grille) for a more integrated look to the trim.

  • The ANSA exhaust has dual chromed tips.
  • The best part of the exhaust system is the sound - molto bellissimo!

  • Gunmetal 5-spoke 17" wheels were installed.
  • The tires are Fuzion ZRi 205-40x17 all around.
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