One of the unique things about the Milano, shared with the preceeding Alfetta/GTV-6, is the design of the suspension. Although the front suspension uses conventional double wishbones for hub location, the springing is by torsion bars. This car has performance torsion bars installed. But the deDion rear suspension is the standout. This relatively simple layout maintains rear with light unsprung weight. Combined with the reduced weight from the inboard brakes and the rear transaxle/differential/clutch layout, the design provides excellent rear grip. The set-up in this car feels like a gocart with steering and little body roll. Due to the chamber change of the front suspension relative to the rear, the car understeers on corner entry, but you can nail the throttle on exit and the rear sticks like glue for a quick exit.


  • Bilstein Sport shocks were installed on the front.
  • Performance torsion bars were installed. These are 27mm in diameter.

  • Bilstein Sport shocks and sport springs were installed at the rear.
  • Urethane bushings were installed on the Watts links.
  • New transaxle bushings were installed front and rear.

  • I replaced the slip joint between the middle and rear exhaust sections with a flange joint to simplify servicing.
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