In the late 80's BMW used projector style headlamps. These were the lastest thing in headlamp technology and an "improvement" in headlight beam pattern. In fact, the Euro pattern H4 lights that preceeded these were better. I installed these type of lights and upgraded the electrical system at the same time. The result was much improved night vision.


  • The low beam lights are Hellas with H4 bulbs and the Euro light beam pattern.
  • The high beam lights are Hellas with H1 bulbs and the Euro hi beam pattern.
  • Osram Silverstar +50 bulbs are used throughout.
  • Early style E24 headlight buckets were installed to mount the lights.
  • Euro turnsignal lens were installed in place of the USA spec ones that stick out and look goofy.
  • The foglamps are new.

  • A completely new wire harness was made to supply the lights.
  • Relays are used to switch both the Lo and Hi beams lights, protecting the original light switch from high current.
  • Individual ATC type fuses are used on each circuit ("Head" & "Hi").
  • The power is supplied directly from the atlternator.
  • The wire harness uses 14 gauge wire for all power circuits and OEM type connectors are used for all connections.

  • A second brake light bulb was added to the unused rear foglight socket on each tail light to double the brake light output.
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