The Scorpion was the US version of the original Montecarlo sold in Europe. With the increasing government regulations concerning crashworthiness and lighting in the 70's, the US Scoropion suffered in translation by the adoption of large bumpers. These, combined with pop-up up headlights in place of the original integrated rectangular lamps, completely destroyed the original design. Replacing the US bumpers with the euro bumpers returns some of the original appearance of the car.

  • Fiberglass replicas of the euro bumpers are available. These come in a raw condition and must be finished and mounting brackets prepared.
  • Original front turnsignal units are also available but are very costly. I choose a different route using quality German made turnsignal and side marker units.
  • This photos shows the opening for the turnsignal unit being modified.
  • Here is the inside of the front bumper with a mounting bracket laminated in place.
  • The openings for the light units are finished.
  • These are the light units installed.
  • The original front valence brackets are used inside the wheel well.
  • At the rear it was prudent to arrange some heat protection.
  • A thin thermal barrier material from Cool Ride Products was applied to the inside of the bumper.
  • A custom heat shield was also made.
  • The lighted side marker lights were integraded nicely into the bumpers.

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