Older US spec vehicles can always use a headlight upgrade, and on this car the tail lights had a special issue.


  • Euro spec Hella H4 headlamps are always a worthwhile upgrade to US sealed beams.
  • These fit directly into the sealed beam buckets.
  • In the process of improving the headlights the headlights components and lift system was renewed.
  • The headlight mounts were refurbished.
  • The body panels were painted and sealed.
  • All of the lift components were renewed and painted.
  • A replacement for the missing bellows which seals the lift system actuation lever was found and installed.
  • An important part of a headlight upgrade is upgrading the wiring circuits.
  • The original headlight circuit was replaced with a new relay switched circuit. This removes the high current load of the headlight from the ignition switch as is in the original design.
  • The new circuit directly connects to the battery with fuse protection

  • On this car the wiring harness to the tail lights had been cut out - it was gone.
  • This was resolved by building a new wiring harness and soldering pigtails to the circuit tail light circuit boards
  • In the process, the tail light units were renewed, and the proper lens screws installed.
  • When dealing with any of the wiring, all of the grounds were cleaned and restored.
  • Here's the new wiring harness in place, properly supported by clips.
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