Since the Scorpion is a mid-engine car, the "trunk" is in the front. When I was loading packages into the "trunk" one time, a woman came over asking if I needed a jump start....thanks but no, on this car the engine's in the back! The trunk is quite spacious, especially since the spare tire is carried in the engine compartment.

Although this car doesn't have any rust issues, the battery box in the front compartment had damage from battery acid that needed attention.


  • Battery acid had attacked the front panel.
  • This required cleaning off surface rust and replacing part of the front panel with a new piece of metal.
  • A reinforcing panel was added to the corner.
  • The repair was completed by painting with rust encapuslator and corrosion resistant paint.
  • An ABS plastic base plate was made for the battery to sit on.
  • The rest of the front compartment was restored, including the healight lift system.

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