The 1800cc 4 cylinder engine was the backbone of the Fiat and Lancia line for many years. It was famously designed by Aurelio Lampredi who had previously designed successful racing engines for Ferrari. A robust and commendably simple design, it was built in displacements from 1100cc to 2 liters, and is capable of producing high horsepower in modified form. The famous Lancia 037 race car which was based on the Scorpion center chassis used a 2.1 liter supercharged version of the engine which produced 325hp. In 1970's USA spec, however, we're looking at 82 horsepower! Yet the power is there with well chosen upgrades. Twin carburetor systems are available for those not living in California, for example. Strapped with this situation, I am planning an upgrade to the later fuel injected specification.


After a general cleanp-up of the engine, including putting some "bling" on the valve covers and timing belt cover, the engine was given a general tune-up. A new timing belt was installed along with fresh oil and filter. The carburetor was cleaned, new plugs installed and timing set. Importantly for California, the emission equipment was installed, including a NOS gulp valve. Fortunately most of this equipment came with the car and was in servicable condition. The tuning was checked with my wideband 02 sensor installed and the carb jetting adjusted as required.


  • First of the performance mod's was installing a light flywheel.
  • This nice unit came from Allison's Automotive.
  • A new main seal was installed at the same time.
  • The clutch and disk were fine and re-installed.
  • This is the engine with the newly coated header in place.
  • Performance improved dramatically after installing upgraded cams from Midwest-Bayless.
  • A cam-driven distributor was added at the same time.
  • Magnecor spark plug wires were installed.
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