A current project is restoring a Lancia Scorpion. The Scorpion was created by difficult parents, launched in a difficult market, and had a short difficult life. Originally designed by Fiat as a big brother to the Fiat X1/9, it suffered from the gas crisis of the 70's and morphed from a protential small supercar with a V6 engine to a 4 cylinder powered car, and was instead sold by Lancia, which after a long history of producing innovative cars with high engineering content, had become a member of the Fiat group (as had Ferrari for that matter).

Still the specification was impressive in Europe (sold as the Montecarlo), but the growing emissions and bumper regulations in the USA during the 70's relagated the USA spec car to an also-ran. Nevertheless the basic specification, a small mid-engined two seat sports car, holds the promise of real real performance with selected upgrades. And it's Pinifarina styled body still turns heads even 35 years after it's time.

Here is an overview of the car and specifications (please look at the menu for details):


  • 1977 Lancia Scorpion
  • VIN: 137AS 0101409
  • Mileage: 79574
  • No accidents or rust
  • Extensive mechanical and cosmetic restoration with new parts and hardware

  • Euro Bumpers
  • Upgraded H4 headlights and new relay switched and fused wiring.
  • Restored taillights with new wiring
  • New side mirrors

  • Re-upholstered seats, dashboard and firewall
  • New floormats
  • New seat tracks
  • Restored dashboard panel
  • Restored door interiors and new window channel felt
  • Sorted fuesbox and electrical wiring

  • Original 1800cc engine
  • Mild cams from Midwest Bayless
  • Cam drive distributor with Magnecore plug wires
  • New light flywheel from Allison and main seal
  • New timing belt
  • Beta EFI coolant manifold installed
  • Repaired and re-inforced engine crossmember
  • Shift linkage bellcrank monified for EFI installation
  • A/C compressor temporarily removed (all other A/C components are still installed)
  • The original smog equipment is in storage
  • All of the components for EFI conversion are in storage

  • Powdercoated Ansa header installed
  • Original catalytic converter is installed
  • New cat-back exhaust with Magnaflow muffler
  • New heat shielding installled to protect the rear bumper and halfshaft boot
  • The restored original muffler is in storage

  • New master cylinder
  • New Vick Autosport front calipers and larger vented rotors
  • Rebuilt Scorpion (correct size) rear calipers
  • New brake pads front & rear (Porterfield)
  • Stainless braided brake lines
  • New brake booster

  • New front lower control arms and anti-roll bar bushings
  • Restored rear control arms.
  • Re-newed anti-roll bars front & rear
  • Vick Autosport coilovers installed front & rear
  • New hardware installed throughout
  • New StilAuto Pentastar 13" magnesium wheels
  • New Falken tires
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